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I had a lesson in economics recently, illustrated by a simple package of disposable razors.

Sorry, the photos were lost during a recent data migration.

The package on the left contains 8 Target brand triple blade razors.  It cost about $5.  The package on the right contains 8 Schick XTREME3 ComfortPlus razors and cost about $10.  I’ve been using the Schick razors for the past year, and decided save a few bucks by trying the store-brand razors.

The Schick razors cut cleanly, usually requiring only one pass, and are fairly clog resistant.  The Target razors clogged quickly, were difficult to unclog, and sometimes required five or six passes over the same patch of skin.  When I had finished, my face felt like I had used sandpaper to remove my stubble.  My experience with the store brand was so bad that after one use, I went back to the store and bought the Schick razors.  Needless to say, I’ll be paying the extra $5 from now on.

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