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Author: Lawrence Block

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Humor

Subject: Murder

Rating: ***** (5 Stars)


The Burglar in the Rye is one of Lawrence Block’s many “Bernie Rhodenbarr” novels, which are set in Manhattan. Bernie is a burglar. Not just any burglar, he is a highly skilled burglar, who prides himself on never leaving any sign of his presence in a home, except for the absence of valuable items of course. In fact, he has nothing but contempt for smash and grab artists who clumsily force their way in, and leave messes in their wake.

Bernie also owns a used bookstore, which he runs during the day. He rarely makes much of a profit, but that’s all right with him. It provides good cover for his real source of income.

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Author: Jeffrey Archer

Genre: Crime, Humor

Subject: Conning the Con Man

Rating: ***** (5 Stars)


Harvey Metcalfe is the son of Polish immigrants to the U.S. Through hard work, ingenuity, and a lack of scruples, he has become quite wealthy, mostly through shady deals and con jobs. The story begins when Harvey pulls off a stock scam that nets him one million dollars from four previously well-off British professionals: James Brigsley, an earl; Stephen Bradley, a mathematics professor at Oxford; Robin Oakley, a private physician; Jean-Pierre Lamanns, an art dealer.

After learning of his financial ruin, Bradley, the professor, contacts the other three victims and persuades them to dine with him. Over dinner, they agree that they are going to take back their money. Each of them is to generate a plan to con Metcalfe out of a portion of the million dollars, with the understanding that they will take only what they have lost, plus expenses.

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