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With school starting in a week or two, the blogosphere is filling with posts offering advice for students starting or returning to college.  As a recent graduate and (nearly) straight-A student, I feel qualified to offer my own advice and debunk what I regard as some of the myths of college success.

Disclaimer: This post is intended for people who are smart, responsible, and organized.  If you are majoring in beer and the opposite sex, this advice is not for you.  You need to read college advice written by people who will tell you to put your nose to the grindstone and never let up.

Myth Number 1: Never miss a class

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How the heck do you set up MyPhoneExplorer to sync with your Google Calendar?

Update 1/8/2012: This post originally included screenshots, but they were unfortunately lost during the transition from my other site.  The instructions are still here, though.

I previously wrote about using MyPhoneExplorer to synchronize my Sony Ericsson w580i with my Google Calendar, but did not provide instructions.  One of my readers emailed me recently wondering how to set up Google Calendar synchronization.  Here are the instructions I gave her, along with some screenshots:

1.  Click on the “File” menu and choose “Options.”  A popup menu will open.

2.  Choose Sync from the list on the left of the popup menu.


You should now see the word Sync in bold to the right of the list.  Under Sync, you should see “Contacts” and “Calendar.”
3.  Choose “Google” from the drop-down menu under “Calendar,” and click the “Advanced” button to the right of the menu.

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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of use out of internet search engines, especially Google.  Whether I’m looking for a free substitute for a commercial software utility, trying to find a product or service, or just hunting for the great blog post I read last week and forgot to bookmark, I usually find what I’m was looking for fairly quickly.  I’m amazed not only by the tremendous amount of information available on the internet, but by the fact that it’s often easier to find things on the internet than in the real world.  Here are some ideas I have for search products that I think would do very well:

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What is GooSync?

GooSync is a utility that allows you to synchronize your Google Calendar with a variety of portable devices, including Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s and smart phones. I downloaded it to my Toshiba e330, which runs Pocket PC 2002. According to GooSync’s site, I could also use it with my Sony Ericsson W580i cell phone if I wanted to.

GooSync has both a free and a premium version. The free version will only sync calendar data, while the premium version, which costs about 20 pounds per year (GooSync is in the UK), will also sync contacts and tasks. I’ve found the free version to be perfectly adequate for my needs.

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