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What is BookCrossing and how does it work?

You leave a book you no longer want on at a park bench or coffee shop for another reader to find.  You can then visit to find out where your book has been.  To do this, you register your book with BookCrossing, and receive a unique serial number to identify it.  You then label the book with the serial number and “release it into the wild” at a location of your choice.

The person who finds a BookCrossing book can visit the site to find out where it has been, and add their own journal entry if they choose.  You don’t have to be a member to leave a journal entry.  The site is anonymous, and no one will try to sell you anything.  Memberships are free.  You may, if you choose, purchase books and labels through the BookCrossing store- this is now the site is supported.

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