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Author: Stephen King

Genre: Science Fiction/ Horror

Rating: *** (3 Stars)


Dreamcatcher reads very much like King’s earlier novel, It, published in 1986.  Both books use flashbacks to simultaneously tell two stories involving the same characters.  The story begins as a hunting party of four men, friends since childhood, meet a man lost in the Maine woods and suffering from exposure.  They take him back to their cabin, where, instead of recovering, the man dies painfully, and gives birth to a large and vicious parasite that has been growing inside him.

At the same time, the Army is responding to reports of UFO sightings, missing hunters, and strange animal behavior.  They attack and destroy a crashed alien spacecraft, and quarantine everyone who comes out of the woods.

Unbeknownst to the military, one of the aliens possesses the body of a hunter, escapes the quarantine, and heads for Boston.  Another hunter persuades an Army officer to join him in pursuing his possessed friend, against the orders of the insane general commanding the operation.  With the Army in hot pursuit, the two men fight their way through a snowstorm to try to stop the alien.

My Thoughts:

Dreamcatcher reminded me of It, because of the way it uses flashbacks to tell two stories in parallel.  The book kept my attention, but I didn’t find the story to be as compelling as some of King’s other work, such as Hearts in Atlantis or the Gunslinger series.

Potentially Offensive Content:

Profanity, violence, disturbing images

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