Killing Floor

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Author: Lee Child

Genre: Thriller, Detective Fiction

Rating: ***** (5 Stars)


Jack Reacher is a former military policeman who lost his job to military downsizing.  He is living off his severance package and drifting from place to place without much of a plan.  On a whim, he gets of a Greyhound bus and walks into the small town of Margrave, Georgia, where he is falsely arrested for murder.

Reacher is interrogated by the town’s only detective, a man named Finlay who formerly worked in Boston.  Reacher convinces Finlay of his innocence, and because of his military police background, ends up helping the police department with the case.  He learns, to his horror, that the murdered man is his own brother, Joe, who was working for the Treasury Department investigating and prosecuting counterfeiters.

Reacher and Finlay’s investigation unearths an ingenious counterfeiting ring that involves some of Margrave’s most prominent citizens, leading to multiple attempts on their lives as they struggle to collect enough evidence to bring it down.

My Thoughts:

Killing Floor is not one of those detective novels where the protagonist spends most of the book at the mercy of the bad guys, escaping and winning only by luck.  From the beginning, Jack Reacher is calm, confident, and in control of his situation.  He has an answer for every challenge that he faces, and he spends most of the book kicking the bad guys’ collective rear.  When the counterfeiters become violent, he has no qualms about killing them to save his own life and to avenge his brother’s murder.  If you derive satisfaction from watching the bad guys get the butt-kicking they’ve earned, you’ll love this book.

Potentially Offensive Content:

Intense graphic violence, sexual content, profanity

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