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I love my Nokia N810, but after 10 months of hoping in vain for ubiquitous wifi in the places I frequent, I finally put convenience ahead of cost and upgraded to a smartphone with a data plan: the HTC Tilt 2 from AT&T.  I’ve only had it for a couple of days, and I’m still getting used to it, but here are a few of my first impressions.

The Tilt 2 is also available from T-Mobile and Verizon as the Touch Pro 2.

Things I liked

The keyboard: This is one of the main reasons I didn’t get an iPhone.  Even the best onscreen keyboards fail to measure up to hardware buttons and tactile feedback.  The Tilt 2 has a fantastic keyboard.  The buttons are just the right size for my thumbs, and are nicely spaced.  Frequently used characters like “/”, “@”, and “:” are intuitively placed, and there are shortcut keys for things like email, calendar, texting, and wifi.  I thought I liked the keyboard on my N810, but this one is even better.

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This is a belated followup to my previous post about the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.  I hadn’t received the tablet when I first wrote about it.  I listed some of its features that made it attractive to me, and promised a review once I had the device in hand.

Here are some photos of the device next to my Creative Zen Vision M (approximately the same size and shape as an iPod Classic) and my Toshiba e330 Pocket PC.

Sorry, the photos were lost in transition.

Here is a list of features I mentioned in my previous post, and my impressions of them in actual use:

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School is out, finals are over, and Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, and I’m drooling with anticipation over my soon-to-be latest toy.  Recently, I started thinking about buying a new Pocket PC to replace my 6 year old Toshiba e330.  The Toshiba still works great- I use it to take notes in class with a portable keyboard, but it has neither Bluetooth nor WiFi, and I’d really like to be able to surf the net and check my email on the go.

The Nokia N810

The Nokia N810 is what’s called an internet tablet.  It is not a phone, but it has Bluetooth and WiFi.  It’s about the size of a large cell phone, and is intended, as its name suggests, as a portable internet device.  You can use it to access the internet at a WiFi hotspot, or tether it to your cell phone if you have a data plan.  Although it is not a phone, you can use Skype with it.  Additionally, it has a built-in GPS and mapping software.

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