Trunk Music

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Author: Michael Connelly

Genre: Crime/ Detective Fiction

Subject: Organized Crime, Murder Investigation

Rating: ***** (5 Stars)


Trunk Music is one Connelly’s many “Detective Harry Bosch” novels. They follow a rough chronological order, but they also stand alone. You don’t have to read them in order for them to make sense, but you can see a chronological list by clicking here.

In Trunk Music, Detective Bosch responds to a crime scene where a body is stuffed in the trunk of an abandoned Rolls Royce. Predictably, the Rolls and the body belong to the same person, Tony Aliso, who turns out to be a shady character involved in money laundering and the production of bad movies.

The evidence appears to point to an organized crime hit, but the LAPD’s organized crime unit is not interested. Learning that Aliso spent a lot of time in Las Vegas, Bosch goes there to investigate, but just when he gets a suspect in custody a new angle appears. He also renews his acquaintance with an ex-lover who is also an ex-FBI agent he helped send to prison for bank robbery a few years back. She is out and making her living at the Vegas poker tables, and she appears to have a connection to Tony Aliso.

My Thoughts:

I haven’ t read a Harry Bosch novel yet that I didn’t like. According to the bio on his website, ( Michael Connelly is a former crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Connelly’s Bosch novels combine an apparently intimate understanding of police procedures with a fluent knowledge of Los Angeles. He includes details that his stories a convincing authenticity and make it easy to imagine the settings he describes.

Potentially Offensive Content:

Sexual content, occasional profanity.

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