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This is a Guest Review by Mrs. Sneakyreader.

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Rating: *** (3 Stars)


Isabella (“Bella”) Swan is a high school student who moves Arizona to Washington State to live with her father, Charlie.  On her first day at her new school, Bella catches a fellow student, Edward Cullen, staring at her.  He is in one of her classes, but gives her the cold shoulder and tries unsuccessfully to transfer out of the class, causing Bella to think she has offended him somehow.

Later, Edward pulls Bella out of the path of a speeding car, then saves her from a group of men who are harassing her.  They become aware of their mutual attraction and begin spending lots of time together.

Eventually, Bella realizes that Edward is a vampire, and is torn between his love for Bella and his constant desire to drink her blood.  Twilight is the story of the conflict between Edward and Bella’s love for each other and the danger posed by their being together.

Mrs. Sneakyreader’s Opinion:

The story, though simplistic, is pretty good.  The vampire characters have special abilities which make the book interesting.  I thought the pace was a bit slow, and some things could have been said with fewer words.

I expected that Twilight, being a vampire novel, would have more action and adventure, in addition to the romance.  There is very little action until the last quarter of the book.  The rest is largely about Bella’s feelings.

Bella is a whiney teenage drama queen, who constantly complains about her circumstances.  Once she and Edward get acquainted, nearly every page mentions how gorgeous Edward is, and how Bella would give up anything in order to be with him.  I found this a bit annoying, though it didn’t stop me from enjoying the book.

Potentially Offensive Content:

Mild violence, lots of kissing, descriptions of vampires “doing their thing.”

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